What do you do when you run out of an oil used in Raindrop? 
Grab this guide for 3 alternative options for each oil.
Quick Guide to
Replacement Raindrop Oils
It happens, you have a Raindrop session scheduled only to find out that you ran out of an oil or it is temporarily out of stock!

This is a common question I've received from past students who are in a panic!  "What oil should I use as a replacement?"  I put this quick guide together for you, so you will not have to worry when you run out of an oil!

Download this PDF and save it...
My goal is that you save this PDF with your oil info or Raindrop notes, and use it when you need it, no panic necessary!  Not only did I make the selection of these oils based on their chemistry and how they support us, I made it a point to use oils that are common, and many of them are found in the Starter Kit.

Why did I choose these oils?
Curious as to WHY I chose these essential oils?   I will send you an email with your PDF to download along with a video link that explains the WHY behind each oil choice. 

I'll also send you updates and specials.
I'll also send you a weekly email with topics that cover all things related to Raindrop.  Oils, books, massage tables, detoxing, business building, and of course, why "adapting" the Raindrop would be helpful for your Receivers.

Why I started Adapting Raindrop.
I've been offering Raindrop Technique Massage in my massage practice since 2004.  I've also been teaching the technique with C.A.R.E. since 2006.  My goal in creating the Adapting Raindrop on line progras is to help you to feel comfortable with giving Raindrops and confident to tailor your Raindrops to fit each person that you work with.  I also wanted to offer a safe place for Raindroppers to get together, ask questions,  learn from each other and share what has been working for them.  That is why I started "All Things Raindrop", a supportive and growing communty! 

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